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Netki is an industry leader in creating critical standards and working with enterprises and policy makers at the intersection of tokens, Identity, blockchain, risk and compliance.

Our process is FAST - results in less than a minute

Using Netki is as easy as 1-2-3

Picture Front ID

Take a picture of the front of the ID

Picture Back ID

Take a picture of the back of the ID


Take a selfie

In less than a minute your investors are ready to engage!


High Quality

Only reputable data services used to ensure validity of investors


End-to-end encryption and no PII written to the blockchain

Time & Money Saved

Netki provides ICOs with different levels of validation that addresses different risk levels, giving you the power to define and address your unique risk profile. By leveraging the global customer base and volume of Netki, dramatic savings are passed along to its clients. The time and cost savings will astonish you.

Fast Onboarding

Most requests take less than 60 seconds to fully KYC and Onboard!

Developer Tools

All the SDK's and implementations your team needs to get started fast

Mobile Integrations

Netki delivers a toolkit that enables rapid build out of mobile solutions for onboarding investors. The Netki SDK bundles the best-in-class mobile technologies in a plug-and-play package that your tech team can easily drop into your own branded mobile app. With the help of Netki�s tools you can confidently deploy your mobile onboarding validation solutions in days rather than weeks or months.

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The NETKI Difference

Netki is recognized by enterprise institutions and governments globally, as the leading expert on digital identity for blockchains and automated onboarding. Here are a few of the groups / advisory roles that Netki participates:

Member of the
Identifiers & Names
Working Group

Founding Member
Token Alliance &
State Working Group

Founding Memeber
of the OAX
Working Group

Member of the
Law Enforcement
Working Group

Digital Currency Group Distributed Identity Foundation Digital Commerce OpenANX Blockchain Alliance

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