Travel rule compliance

Ensure compliance while maintaining privacy with TransactID

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The only solution where you don't need to know the other side of a transaction.

As the world becomes more privacy and data ownership oriented, end users will expect to be able to transact confidently knowing their identifying data won't be at risk. With TransactID, you don't have to know the other side – and they don't have to know you – in order to transact securely.

By forgoing the need to know the other VASP before initiating a transaction, TransactID allows for two key benefits:

  • Support for unhosted wallets
  • VASP discovery can be done inside the protocol, reducing the need to implement yet another solution for Travel Rule Compliance
illustration of how transactid connects and transmits information from VASP to VASP
How it works

Why use TransactID

Universal wallet support
Universal blockchain support
Privacy coin support
Lightning fast transaction speeds
Open standards
Industry-leading privacy measures

Security that even national governments trust

TransactID is the only travel rule solution for blockchain that's been in production since 2016, so you can trust that your data is safe with us.

As of 2022, Netki meets GDPR, IVMS 101, BIP75, and CCPA standards. We are actively working towards SOC-2 certification, and aim to achieve this by end of Q3 2022.

certification for BIP75certification for GDPRcertificate for CCPA certificate for IVMS 101

Read how Netki has helped other businesses thrive.

It’s comforting for me to be able to depend on Netki. I go back and forth with them every day, talking or on Slack. Probably every hour that I’m online and, the responsiveness, the quality of support that we get, the turnaround time and issues that can be resolved by Netki are just outstanding.

Andy Grant, VP Marketing

“Netki and AlphaPoint have made history as the first two companies in the world to successfully execute a nationwide bitcoin adoption platform. Netki’s scalability and fraud prevention were key factors in our success in working together,”

Igor Telyatnikov, Co-Founder & CEO

“Netki’s focus on digital assets gives us confidence that they can meet security token issuers’ and investors’ needs, regardless of their jurisdiction or regulator of record”

Chris Housser, Founder
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