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The only onboarding solution you’ll ever need.

Over 5000+ documents supported
Native character support
Most diverse facial recognition
95% autovalidation rate
Lightning fast onboarding
White-label solution
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01 seamless user experience

Great user experience begins with smooth and well-integrated onboarding.

OnboardID's lightning fast, frictionless front-facing interface ensures that your users' first experience of your product starts off on the right foot. Real-time, onscreen guidance informs users how to take the perfect pictures for verification, resulting in an onboarding process that can be completed in 22 seconds with a 95% autovalidation rate. Our APIs and SDKs open up OnboardID for complete customization, so you can maintain the look and feel of your entire ecosystem.

With less churn due to a faster process, 95% chance of successful validation, and a seamlessly integrated verification solution, OnboardID can help you reduce onboarding costs by up to 60%.

02 comprehensive Compliance dashboard

We make it simple to know who is coming into your ecosystem.

Netki's technology performs so well that you won't feel the need to religiously double check audit logs – but we built a fully comprehensive compliance dashboard so if you need them, they're there. Our compliance dashboard functions as a central hub for all of our product offerings. Individual verification, corporate verification, and travel rule compliance data can all be found in one place, so you can get a comprehensive view of your entire user acquisition funnel.

skeleton UI elements from Netki's compliance dashboard for identity verification
three different government-issued types of identification
03 bank-grade level security

Security that even national governments trust

OnboardID was built with fraud prevention in mind. That's why we built our proprietary document processing algorithm to read more native character sets, support more document types, and autovalidate a significantly wider array of skin tones than any of the leading competition.

To see how OnboardID brought fraud prevention levels from 10% to 100%, check out our case study with Hedera:

Read how Netki has helped other businesses thrive.

It’s comforting for me to be able to depend on Netki. I go back and forth with them every day, talking or on Slack. Probably every hour that I’m online and, the responsiveness, the quality of support that we get, the turnaround time and issues that can be resolved by Netki are just outstanding.

Andy Grant, VP Marketing

“Netki and AlphaPoint have made history as the first two companies in the world to successfully execute a nationwide bitcoin adoption platform. Netki’s scalability and fraud prevention were key factors in our success in working together,”

Igor Telyatnikov, Co-Founder & CEO

“Netki’s focus on digital assets gives us confidence that they can meet security token issuers’ and investors’ needs, regardless of their jurisdiction or regulator of record”

Chris Housser, Founder
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