Corporate Identity verification

OnboardID: a speedy, simple, and secure corporate onboarding solution.

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Upload compliance documents in the same place you'll be verifying employees.

OnboardID for corporations allows you to upload the documentation required to verify a company so you can perform all KYC/AML in one product. Documents are uploaded to the same compliance dashboard as individual verifications are sent, meaning you always have access to a comprehensive view of the entire corporate onboarding process.

To read more about the features of individual verification, check out OnboardID for Individuals.

How it works

skeleton UI elements from Netki's compliance dashboard for identity verification

1. Upload compliance documents and a list of all individuals to be verified to our dashboard.

Our software will also digitize all of the documents involved in your onboarding process, setting up new corporate customers for an even smoother entry experience.

2. Seamlessly integrate our mobile app into your existing systems with our SDKs.

Our mobile app can be white-labelled, so your brand retains cohesive perception.

3. Sit back and relax while our tech does all the work.

We conduct sanctions, watchlist, and adverse media checks for any individual that needs to be verified during the corporate onboarding process.

4. View the results of all AML/KYC and other verification processes on our comprehensive compliance dashboard.

Our dashboard provides a complete record of all identity data and results of AML checks, providing a clear audit trail for compliance officers when needed.

Security that even national governments trust

OnboardID was built with fraud prevention in mind. That's why we built our document-processing algorithm to support more document types, read more native character sets, and autovalidate the widest array of skin tones compared to any of the leading competition.

To see how OnboardID brought down fraud to near negligible levels, check out our case study with Hedera:

three different government-issued types of identification

Read how Netki has helped other businesses thrive.

It’s comforting for me to be able to depend on Netki. I go back and forth with them every day, talking or on Slack. Probably every hour that I’m online and, the responsiveness, the quality of support that we get, the turnaround time and issues that can be resolved by Netki are just outstanding.

Andy Grant, VP Marketing

“Netki and AlphaPoint have made history as the first two companies in the world to successfully execute a nationwide bitcoin adoption platform. Netki’s scalability and fraud prevention were key factors in our success in working together,”

Igor Telyatnikov, Co-Founder & CEO

“Netki’s focus on digital assets gives us confidence that they can meet security token issuers’ and investors’ needs, regardless of their jurisdiction or regulator of record”

Chris Housser, Founder
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