Identity verification for all faces in all places.

Ensure compliance and prevent fraud for all your digital transactions with our fully automated and scalable KYC and travel rule compliance solutions.

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The future is digital, and Netki can bring you there.

In a digital world where fraudulent transactions can easily run rampant, KYC/AML compliance is more important than ever. Millions of dollars are lost in these transactions every day, and most modern solutions lack the appropriate technology to stop the leaks. That’s where Netki comes in.

With OnboardID’s unparalleled biometrics and TransactID’s powerful compliance tools, Netki’s product ecosystem stops fraud dead in its tracks while onboarding users faster than any other solution out there. Whether you’re a cryptocurrency exchange needing to verify the identity of your users, or a traditional financial institution who needs to ensure all of their digital asset transactions are globally compliant, Netki has you covered.

Identity verification

Verify faster and safer, no matter where or who you are, with OnboardID

Netki’s fully automated identity verification solution, OnboardID, dramatically reduces onboarding costs while preventing fraud from the start. Through years of research and development, our advanced biometrics detect fraud better than any other KYC solution on the market. As long as users meet our system requirements for photos, our KYC process can be completed in seconds. And since Netki's products integrate into your own backend through our APIs and mobile SDKs, your users’ data remains private and secure.

Reduction in onboarding costs
Autovalidation rate
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Globally accessible & inclusive

Netki delivers the highest autovalidation rates by accepting 4x more ID types than other solutions, supporting multiple languages, and having the greatest racial diversity recognition.

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Fast, friction-free experience

Our thoroughly tested UX design and fully customizable interface means your customers will have a smooth, speedy onboarding experience without ever knowing they’re using a 3rd party tool.

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Unparalleled fraud prevention

Our pixel by pixel ID analysis, native character support, and advanced biometrics identify fraud faster, keeping you and your customers secure.

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Seamless integration & implementation

With API's and mobile SDK’s for iOS and Android, Netki integrates with your existing systems to help you get up and running as fast as possible.

Certified, Compliant & Accessible

Netki proactively meets all new compliance standards and seeks out new certifications for our own education and your security. As of 2022, Netki meets GDPR, IVMS 101, BIP75, and CCPA standards.

We are actively working towards SOC-2 certification, and aim to achieve this by end of Q3 2022.

certification for BIP75certification for GDPRcertificate for CCPA certificate for IVMS 101
illustration of how transactid connects and transmits information from VASP to VASP
Travel rule compliance

Bring every transaction into compliance with TransactID

Capable of creating the necessary bridges for even non-custodial VASPs, TransactID enables an open and truly global digital asset market - for all people, all transactions, and all jurisdictions.

  • Works across all public and private blockchains
  • KYCs both custodial and non-custodial VASPs, including decentralized exchanges and DeFi market makers
  • Scalable, open standards-based solution to avoid vendor lock-in and support speedy, secure data transfer
  • Peer-to-peer transactions occur over a secure, encrypted, and private connection based on BIP 75 with no central resource
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OnboardID + TransactID

Powerful alone, even better together.

Our two solutions deliver industry-leading innovation as standalone products. Together they offer an unmatched, comprehensive compliance suite that perfectly integrates with any existing product ecosystem.

Easy to implement

Read how Netki has helped other businesses thrive.

It’s comforting for me to be able to depend on Netki. I go back and forth with them every day, talking or on Slack. Probably every hour that I’m online and, the responsiveness, the quality of support that we get, the turnaround time and issues that can be resolved by Netki are just outstanding.

Andy Grant, VP Marketing

“Netki and AlphaPoint have made history as the first two companies in the world to successfully execute a nationwide bitcoin adoption platform. Netki’s scalability and fraud prevention were key factors in our success in working together,”

Igor Telyatnikov, Co-Founder & CEO

“Netki’s focus on digital assets gives us confidence that they can meet security token issuers’ and investors’ needs, regardless of their jurisdiction or regulator of record”

Chris Housser, Founder
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Careers at Netki

Become a part of an innovative, inspiring team that not only built the leading identity verification solution on the market, but the only one capable of working with non-custodial VASPs. If flexible time off, competitive salaries, daily catered lunches, and opportunities for immediate impact sound good to you – you’ll fit right in.

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